1. Why is the voicemail message on during business hours?

Dr. Shadeed and Dr. Rouw prefer to discuss vision therapy with potential patients to answer any questions and to better determine what type of evaluation to schedule based on the patient concerns.

2. Who does the therapy sessions at PVDC?

Both Dr. Shadeed and Dr. Rouw administer the therapy sessions. All patients work directly with one of the doctors in one-on-one sessions.

3. When scheduling a vision therapy session, do I have to schedule with the same doctor each session?

No, Dr Shadeed and Dr Rouw prefer to interchange working with the patients. We find that patients benefit most with this method.

4. Are the vision therapy session done in a group setting?

No, each session is one-on-one with the patient, the doctor, and the parent if the patient is a child.

5. Do you see adults?

Yes, our office is also designed to work with adults. We see adults for general optometric vision therapy and visual rehabilitation therapy. Visual rehabilitation therapy addresses the visual symptoms following a head injury due to trauma, concussion, or stroke. These symptoms include double vision, visual field loss, and midline shift syndrome.

6. Do you accept insurance plans?

No, our office is not a provider for any medical or vision insurance plans. We will provide you with the appropriate information that you would need to submit to your insurance company to see if vision therapy would be covered by your insurance plan.