Good hand eye coordination, or visual motor integration, is essential for the accurate production of written language symbols. To accurately reproduce a visual stimulus a person must be able to see that the pattern is made up of a finite number of parts and that these parts interrelate in a very specific manner: These abilities are referred as “analytical skills.” To reproduce the pattern the child must call upon these analytical skill, integrate this information with other systems, and generate a motor response.

Hand eye coordination is used in many activities such as block building, handwriting, and catching a ball. A visual motor dysfunction can have characteristic signs and symptoms of difficulty copying from the board, sloppy handwriting, or writing skills, poor space and inability to stay on lines, erases excessively, can respond orally but not produce answers in writing, difficulty completing written assignments in allotted period of time, seems to know the material but does poorly on tests, and difficulty writing numbers in columns for mathematical problems.